February 15th, 2007

cleaning discolored silicone cups

I had read about soaking a discolored cup in a solution of 1/2 hydrogen peroxide + 1/2 water for several hours..... I tried it and it works!!! The cups look new again! (note that I tried this on several of my silicone cups, (Lunette, Mooncup UK, and Moon Cup by Keeper) I have NOT tried this on my DivaCup or regular Keeper.


I have all the cups! Comparison Time!

I had NEVER heard of menstrual cups until I stumbled upon them while surfing the internet just a few months ago!!
(I am over 30 years old and have had 1 child, my flow is light because I am on the pill.)

Yes I own the following cups: Mooncup UK size A, Diva-both sizes, Lunette, Keeper size A, and Moon Cup by Keeper (U.S.) size A..

Why do I own them all?
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