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Sew-in-Love ~ custom cloth pads for the natural woman

5 December 1971
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I am Cindi Blazier, seamstress, cloth doll maker, and alternative menstrual product supporter! I have been sewing for many, many years and am offering information on alternative menstrual products on one of my websites sew-in-love.com (I offer cloth pads for sale there too), I also have online pattern stores as well as my handmade dolls website doll-garden.com !

The well being of women is very important to me.....
I am a supporter of alternative menstrual products and have been actively helping women switch from disposable products. I have spoken with planned parenthood in my area about alternative menstrual products such as the menstrual cup. I frequent online forums and help answer questions for those wanting to switch. I am offering custom cloth menstrual pads, for women who want to use alternative menstrual products but are not interested in using the menstrual cup.

Making the switch to alternative menstrual products:
I began using alternative menstrual products out of curiosity more than anything else. I stumbled upon menstrual cups while surfing the internet and was instantly fascinated (I purchased one right away). I then began researching alternative menstrual products and decided to try cloth pads too. I was surprised to fall in love with them so quickly! After I used my first cloth pad, I swore I would never use a disposable pad again (they are soooo soft and breathe!)....... after I used the menstrual cup for the first time I swore I would never use another tampon either! I feel so much better, cleaner, free'er, and more natural using alternative menstrual products! They are much more comfortable than disposable products. Using and caring for cloth pads and menstrual cups is much easier than I ever would have guessed. The cost savings over time is unbelievable and the positive impact on the environment makes me feel great! The way using menstrual alternatives has made me feel as a woman is why I am so adamant about spreading the word about them to other women as it really has made such an impact in my life.

~Cindi Blazier